Glasgow Botanical Gardens

small (461x695, 84.5k) medium (923x1389, 184.0k) large (1845x2778, 1.3m)

Two views of a cabbage thistle

small (512x688, 75.6k) medium (1024x1376, 175.1k) large (2048x2751, 1.4m)

small (485x694, 71.8k) medium (969x1388, 176.2k) large (1938x2775, 1.4m)

small (405x373, 45.1k) medium (810x746, 85.0k) large (1620x1492, 626.6k)


small (768x512, 91.8k) medium (1536x1024, 253.7k) large (3072x2048, 2.3m)

Emmer, a wild relative of wheat

small (375x768, 78.2k) medium (750x1536, 196.3k) large (1500x3072, 1.4m)

I'm free! I'm free!

small (383x725, 85.2k) medium (766x1451, 235.6k) large (1532x2901, 1.6m)

Audrey II says, "Feed me!"

small (393x716, 53.2k) medium (786x1432, 121.3k) large (1572x2864, 1.2m)

small (515x413, 68.0k) medium (1030x825, 140.7k) large (2060x1650, 918.5k)

small (516x476, 73.3k) medium (1032x951, 152.3k) large (2064x1902, 1.0m)

small (512x610, 109.9k) medium (1024x1220, 249.4k) large (2048x2440, 1.7m)

small (512x583, 102.3k) medium (1024x1166, 235.8k) large (2048x2332, 1.8m)

Rose mallow

small (612x512, 60.8k) medium (1224x1024, 133.9k) large (2448x2048, 1.1m)

small (595x512, 54.5k) medium (1189x1024, 121.6k) large (2378x2048, 1.2m)


small (768x512, 146.9k) medium (1536x1024, 425.4k) large (3072x2048, 2.9m)

small (566x498, 60.9k) medium (1131x995, 130.2k) large (2262x1990, 1.1m)

small (462x708, 57.7k) medium (923x1416, 135.1k) large (1846x2832, 1.2m)

small (294x644, 45.3k) medium (589x1287, 96.2k) large (1177x2574, 756.4k)

small (305x584, 49.6k) medium (610x1167, 104.1k) large (1219x2334, 748.5k)

small (498x653, 66.0k) medium (997x1305, 146.6k) large (1993x2610, 1.2m)

small (624x512, 84.7k) medium (1248x1024, 189.6k) large (2496x2048, 1.3m)

Another pair of thistles

small (617x512, 68.8k) medium (1234x1024, 168.2k) large (2468x2048, 1.3m)

small (512x617, 66.0k) medium (1024x1235, 162.7k) large (2048x2469, 1.4m)

small (607x512, 68.1k) medium (1214x1024, 164.6k) large (2428x2048, 1.3m)

small (374x370, 38.7k) medium (747x740, 71.6k) large (1494x1480, 556.6k)

small (428x414, 49.5k) medium (856x827, 95.3k) large (1712x1654, 735.7k)

small (512x598, 44.0k) medium (1024x1196, 102.4k) large (2048x2391, 1.1m)

small (473x443, 56.9k) medium (946x886, 112.7k) large (1892x1772, 830.0k)

small (603x512, 57.3k) medium (1206x1024, 138.8k) large (2412x2048, 1.3m)

small (427x351, 40.4k) medium (854x702, 75.6k) large (1708x1404, 591.9k)

small (449x403, 45.7k) medium (897x805, 89.1k) large (1794x1610, 721.0k)


small (237x746, 42.0k) medium (475x1493, 97.9k) large (949x2985, 777.3k)

small (306x334, 47.7k) medium (611x668, 84.4k) large (1222x1336, 466.6k)

small (617x512, 75.8k) medium (1233x1024, 189.9k) large (2466x2048, 1.4m)

Skirret, in bloom and gone to seed

small (597x512, 85.4k) medium (1193x1024, 196.6k) large (2386x2048, 1.3m)

small (768x512, 76.1k) medium (1536x1024, 202.6k) large (3072x2048, 2.1m)

small (768x512, 70.1k) medium (1536x1024, 195.7k) large (3072x2048, 2.1m)

small (768x315, 71.6k) medium (1536x630, 156.0k) large (3072x1260, 1021.9k)

small (437x491, 76.3k) medium (875x983, 159.8k) large (1749x1965, 1004.7k)

small (493x617, 93.3k) medium (986x1235, 230.8k) large (1971x2469, 1.5m)

small (662x471, 95.4k) medium (1324x941, 240.3k) large (2648x1882, 1.5m)

Sweet wormwood

small (602x512, 99.7k) medium (1203x1024, 227.3k) large (2406x2048, 1.5m)

More thistles

small (512x444, 72.0k) medium (1024x888, 152.7k) large (2048x1776, 1.0m)

small (421x445, 71.3k) medium (842x890, 148.2k) large (1684x1779, 909.0k)

Wishbone flowers

small (297x459, 37.0k) medium (595x918, 69.1k) large (1189x1836, 527.0k)

small (768x512, 83.9k) medium (1536x1024, 211.2k) large (3072x2048, 2.1m)

small (512x636, 66.7k) medium (1024x1272, 152.6k) large (2048x2544, 1.3m)

small (643x399, 69.2k) medium (1286x798, 159.7k) large (2572x1596, 1.1m)

small (422x332, 48.3k) medium (844x664, 91.8k) large (1687x1327, 616.7k)

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