Bothwell Castle, Uddingston, Scotland

Diagrams of the Castle

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The keep (donjon) seen from the great hall

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The courtyard seen from the keep

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The Keep or Donjon

Three views of the interior of the keep from its basement. The first two are panoramic pictures, but they didn't quite knit perfectly.

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The view through an arrow slit.

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Graffiti scratched on the keep's doorway.

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Spiral stairs in the keep

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A cobweb covered with sandstone dust

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Detail of the arched doorways in the keep.

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The Great Hall

The interior of the great all

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Detailing of the chapel wall next to the great hall.

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The great hall has a double wall against the castle's outer wall.

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The top of the tower next to the great hall

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Looking up through the prison tower.

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Texture of the top of the castle's front wall.

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A weathered stone in the wall.

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Examples of catapult stones used to bombard the castle. The largest is about18 inches across.

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