Exhibits from the Burell Collection

Two doorways

small (568x354, 66.7k) medium (1136x708, 154.5k) large (2272x1416, 1.1m)

small (447x426, 52.9k) medium (894x852, 117.0k) large (1788x1704, 988.2k)

A statue of the Buddah, showing fine carving.

small (385x564, 52.5k) medium (770x1128, 120.8k) large (1539x2255, 1.0m)

Inlayed wood book holders and boxes

small (545x351, 46.7k) medium (1090x701, 103.6k) large (2180x1402, 887.9k)

Islamic Art

Examples of people depicted, and a sign explaining that it was done despite the supposed prohibition.

small (265x525, 40.7k) medium (530x1050, 90.8k) large (1059x2100, 709.5k)

small (421x395, 66.7k) medium (841x790, 139.5k) large (1682x1580, 947.0k)

small (284x508, 36.2k) medium (569x1016, 77.3k) large (1137x2031, 654.5k)

A Sufi five-fish dish, and an explanation

small (436x283, 40.7k) medium (872x566, 79.9k) large (1744x1132, 637.0k)

small (442x417, 45.1k) medium (883x833, 91.8k) large (1766x1666, 905.9k)

small (426x521, 78.5k) medium (852x1042, 184.2k) large (1704x2084, 1.3m)

small (369x555, 50.4k) medium (738x1110, 106.4k) large (1476x2219, 907.7k)

small (501x420, 94.7k) medium (1002x839, 224.9k) large (2004x1678, 1.4m)

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