Lace and I went to Greece on Betchart's Agean Odessey tour. We spent two weeks looking at geeky things (ruins, ancient objects in museums) and living in five-star hotels with a bunch of other geeks from the AAAS and Sigma Xi.

Needless to say, we had the time of our geeky lives. We also took pictures. Lots of pictures. Between us, almost 2,300 pictures. Digital cameras are our friends.

I've gotten somewhat organized, and collected my pictures on this site. Lace is still getting her pictures together. The site is arranged by where the pictures were taken. Each location starts with what I think are the best pictures I'd taken there, so you can look at the highlights of the tour pretty quickly.

Some notes:

Each thumbnail picture is half the size of the "small" picture it's linked to, and a quarter the size of the "medium" picture it's linked to. The "large" pictures are ten times the size of the thumbnails. They're my camera's native resolution (6 Mp). In fact, they're so big, I ran out of space on our server, so they're not available yet.

The best-of pictures are captioned. The rest aren't yet. You can either be mystified by what they are, or drop me a note at the obvious email address. (If you found this site from LiveJournal, leave a comment if you want to know.)

OK! Go look at the pictures! You click the names on the map...

Legal stuff: the whole damn site is Copyright 2004 Evil Dave. All rights reserved. The pictures are watermarked, so Google and I can track you down if you get any funny ideas. If you want to use the pictures, please send me a note at the obviously evil email address on this computer.

Why are you still reading this? Here, start where we did, in Athens. Delphi Delphi Thebes Thebes Athens Athens Mykonos Mykonos Delos Delos Santorini Santorini Chania Chania Eleftherna Eleftherna Iraklion Iraklion